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$93.67 (Including tax)
Yes, Yes, Labels per pack: 75, Number of pads per pack: 4, 45 sheets, 21.5 cm, 11.2 cm, 1.3 kg, 20.3 cm, Quantity: 1, 50/60 Hz, 230 V, AC, 130 W, 285W, 4000 h, 8 W, Clear, Number of bulbs: 3, Yes, 8 W, 20, Expressive, II, Garden, Patio, Yes, Bedroom, Living room, Green, White, Pink, Purple, Rectangle, Yes, Glass, 0.9, 20 h, 1, Sheets quantity: 225, Ambience, 17.7m, Table light, 18.5 cm, 10 cm, 500g, 10 cm, Number of packages: 1, 1, HD support, Video playback, yes, wireless, HDMI; complectation Kinect 2.0, 343x81x264 mm, 3.62 kg
Philips Table lamp 69108/60/PH, AccentLED. Included bulb power: 8 W, Replacement bulb power (max): 8 W, Light colour: Clear. Colour of product: Grey, White, Suitable for rooms: Bedroom, Living room, Suitable for outdoor areas: Garden, Patio. Charging source: AC, AC input voltage: 230 V, AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz. Width: 18.5 cm, Depth: 18.5 cm, Height: 13 cm. Package width: 20.3 cm, Package depth: 21.5 cm, Package height: 11.2 cm
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