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Central Massachusetts Scuba Welcome to Central MASS SCUBA Dive Classes - From Beginner to Expert CMS offers classes to suit anyone. Whether you have never dove before, or you have been diving for years, there is something for you. We want to certify new divers and offer unbeatable value! CMS offers: Basic Diving (Open Water I), Advanced/Open Water II, Nitrox, Refresher, Night Diving, Ice Diving, Safety Courses (like DAN O2) and others. Dive Packages - Warm & Cold water, Beginner to Expert CMS believes that the most economical way to purchase dive gear is through packages. Right now CMS has three packages you can choose from. The three packages, Sea Horse, Sting Ray, and Manta Ray, allow any level of diver, from beginner to experienced, to walk away happy, check them out!

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Yes, Yes, Labels per pack: 75, Number of pads per pack: 4, 45 sheets, 21.5 cm, 11.2 cm, 1.3 kg, 20.3 cm, Quantity: 1, 50/60 Hz, 230 V, AC, 130 W, 285W, 4000 h, 8 W, Clear, Number of bulbs: 3, Yes, 8 W, 20, Expressive, II, Garden, Patio, Yes, Bedroom, Living room, Green, White, Pink, Purple, Rectangle, Yes, Glass, 0.9, 20 h, 1, Sheets quantity: 225, Ambience, 17.7m, Table light, 18.5 cm, 10 cm, 500g, 10 cm, Number of packages: 1, 1, HD support, Video playback, yes, wireless, HDMI; complectation Kinect 2.0, 343x81x264 mm, 3.62 kg
Philips Table lamp 69108/60/PH, AccentLED. Included bulb power: 8 W, Replacement bulb power (max): 8 W, Light colour: Clear. Colour of product: Grey, White, Suitable for rooms: Bedroom, Living room, Suitable for outdoor areas: Garden, Patio. Charging source: AC, AC input voltage: 230 V, AC input frequency: 50/60 Hz. Width: 18.5 cm, Depth: 18.5 cm, Height: 13 cm. Package width: 20.3 cm, Package depth: 21.5 cm, Package height: 11.2 cm
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