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Headstrong Lil' King-S amplifier

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If you are dying for the tone of a 1965 Blackface Fender Princeton, but would like it with more power and without being as fragile as a 50-plus year old amplifier, then you should take a look at the headstrong Lil King-S.

The Lil' King-S is an authentic recreation of the 1965 Fender Princeton - point-to-point, handwired, floating baffle and all - but with a couple of upgrades: a 12" Eminence Black Mountain speaker, larger transformers, and 6L6 power tubes to increase output to 25-30 watts.  (can also take 6V6, EL34, or KT88 power tubes). This particular example came from the factory with a mid control, located on the back of the chassis, allowing you to add more mid-range girth.

It's a Princeton that can outpunch a Deluxe or Vibrolux Reverb, and without the size or weight. I think the "S" stands for "on steroids".

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